How To Develop Your Marketing Skills

develop marketing skills

For digital marketers, the job is never complete. There is always another job to finish, more content to create and more promotional material to publish. There is always a new way to generate leads for clients and to funnel sales for ecommerce websites. Being a digital marketer is difficult to say the least. There are a thousand practical uses for marketing skills, and if you work in digital marketing, then you should always be looking to extend your competitive edge. Improving on your marketing skills is essential to gaining more clients and is one of the best ways to make more money as a marketer, the more services

that you offer the more potential clients that you are open to working with.

What Skills Should Be Developed?

The marketing skills that we are looking at improving on today are writing, outreach, lead generation, communications and then how to develop new skills.

Improve Your Writing Skills

improve writing skills
improve writing skills

For marketers, being able to write high quality is like having a swiss army knife. Marketers need to be able to write content if they intend to do any SEO outreach, link building or content marketing. Landing pages and other marketing material are base around the quality of content surrounding them. The trick to improving your writing skills is to keep practicing. Keep writing and get feedback on what you’re writing to see if it is enjoyable to the reader. When writing for SEO, it’s important to use correct heading tags and keep keyword saturation low. These are things that come with experience and make the difference between a good writer and an average one.

If your writing is at a low level and you want to make fast improvements, then engage in a writing class or take an online course. Try to write every day to make good progress with your writing skills, read other successful marketers content in order to grasp what features your own writing should include.

Improve Your Lead Generation Skills

lead generation skills
lead generation skills

Lead generation is when potential clients or customers contact your company with the intent of starting work with you. Lead generation strategies require you to show your skills on a website that will convert into leads. The biggest factor which you must use in lead generation is the ability to adapt to new trends and solve problems that may arise. Having a marketing plan in important, but when things don’t go your way, it’s even more important that you know how to react.

Some issues you may face with lead generation will be technical, which will lower your conversion rates, you must act fast to keep attracting new clients. There is no denying that marketing plans are not foolproof, somewhere down the line you will face an issue that must be fixed immediately. You can improve your problem solving skills by gaining experience. The longer that you operate in the digital marketing sector, the more experience you will get solving problems. You can do other cognitive tests to sharpen your problem solving skills such as brain games.

Improve Your Outreach Skills

outreach skills
outreach skills

Outreach is when a marketer communicates to another website in order to ask for link placement. To understand how to be better at outreach, you first must look at how you would like to be spoken to if you are a 3rd party website. Communication is key with natural outreach link acquisition. Nothing will be accomplished unless you can master your outreach skills. To be successful at outreach, it will require you to use persuasiveness, research topics and dedication. To become better at your outreach skills there is a simple method you can follow to improve.

First, find a list of sites that you intend to get links from. Write your first message to one of the websites and send it. Make sure this first email shows the value of having your content on their site. The second message should be written slightly differently and approached from a different angle. Send 10 outreach emails in total, all approaching differently and in a unique tone. Now analyze which email got the best response and use that one as your outreach template. Website owners are aware that marketers just want to get their links on a site, so don’t beat around the bush. Explain what you want from them and their sites and follow up by saying how you will benefit them.

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