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For businesses with an online presence, there are a multitude of ways to get your brand extra promotion. From Twitter to Facebook, there are many platforms that will boost the exposure of your business. If your business it already utilizing the power of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, then it may be time to add another platform on that list.

Using Wikipedia for business marketing is a great way to show off your business accolades and strengths. Just by having a Wikipedia page for your business, you are likely to experience an increase in brand awareness, notoriety and trustworthiness. Having your brand on Wikipedia is great if you are looking to convert customers and increase traffic to your website.

Wikipedia is one of the most powerful online marketing tools and is regarded as the largest online encyclopedia platform. Wiki is viewed as an “unbiased and valid encyclopedia”. For large companies, a Wikipedia page is what separates them from a medium sized business, this is because a Wikipedia page will give your business a knowledge panel. This is what shows on the right side of a search engine results page when a business is brought up. It is seen as a sign of authenticity and reliability. For ecommerce sites, a Wikipedia page is what distinguishes a trusted, nationwide shop from a smaller one.

How To Get A Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia writer
Wikipedia writer

A Wikipedia page is not for all businesses, and are not given out to any and every business that asks for one. If you intend to have a Wikipedia page dedicated to your business or brand, then you must have notability already. A brand must be worthy and well-known before Wikipedia gives it it’s own page.

If you are running a small startup or local business, then it can be extremely difficult to generate enough interest in your brand to warrant a Wikipedia page. It is commonly seen that Wikipedia editors compile small businesses into a grouped page along with other small businesses in the same category. If your business does get compiled onto a page with other businesses, then it may be disheartening as this infers that you have a “small” or not-so notable brand. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can get your business a Wikipedia page, even if it is a small, new or local business.

Why Was My Wikipedia Page Deleted?

Wikipedia page deleted
Wikipedia page deleted

wikipedia page deletion

Many businesses and brands have legitimate Wikipedia pages that have been published authentically and genuinely. If it not uncommon for a business to have its Wikipedia page removed, despite it being up and running for months. If you have a Wikipedia page, then it is subject to deletion – as all Wikipedia pages are. One of the most common reasons that Wikipedia pages get deleted is because of editors decide that a page is no longer notable enough to warrant a unique Wikipedia page. Each Wikipedia page goes through a voting panel that deem wether a page it notable or not, this panel will get the final say in wether your page gets deleted or not.

Notability is determined by wether your business has significant coverage of its niche and operation in reliable sources. This means that if your business is featured in many magazines, newspapers and has several awards or accolades, then it’s likely that it will have a wikipedia page.

There are many reasons and explanations to why a Wikipedia page has been taken down. These are the guidelines that Wikipedia follows to determine if your brand is notable enough to warrant its own unique page

  • Independent coverage: this means that the source that published a report relating to your business is not related to you.
  • Reliable coverage: includes authority sites, large magazines and newspapers. Any accolades that your business wishes to include on it’s Wikipedia page must be well-known.
  • Significant coverage: your business must be discussed in detail. Not just brushed over or mentioned briefly.

If your business does not have this type of coverage, then it is likely that it will not be given a Wikipedia page to start with or it will be taken down once created.

If your page is written in a “promotional tone“, then it is likely to be deleted also. Wikipedia editors are suggested not to create pages for commercial or promotional purposes. Once your Wikipedia page gets created, if an editor deems that it is written like an advertisement then it may be subject to deletion. This is still the case even if the page has claims from reputable independent sources.

Wikipedia is a platform that provides factual, unbiased and neutral information surrounding a topic. Think of your Wikipedia page as an encyclopedia entry, not a promotional page to extend your company’s marketing efforts directly. If a page is promotional, then it is easy to spot by an editor or admin.

Wikipedia also has a conflict of interest editing policy which prevents contributors adding to your Wikipedia page if they are friends, family, clients, employers or have a financial relationship with you. Conflict of interest editing is discouraged, as it may risk public trust for Wikipedia.

So if your family member, friend or employer is able to get a Wikipedia page published regarding a topic relating to your business, this may count as conflict of interest editing. If an editor or admin find that a page has been created via conflict of interest editing then it is likely to be taken down.

Once a Wikipedia page gets deleted, it is incredibly difficult to reinstate it. Thankfully, Rank Marketing can help get your business a Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia Page Updates

Wikipedia has recently undergone a systemwide update on many of their profile and business related pages which has resulted in thousands of pages being removed from their database. If your Wikipedia page has been removed since the start of July 2019, then it is likely that you are have fallen victim to this update and your page is now seen as unworthy of being on the Wikipedia database. If you are looking to get back on the platform, then we offer a whole list of services that will not only recover your page but enhance it and ensure that it does not get deleted again.

Our Wikipedia Page Services

wikipedia writers

At Rank Marketing we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best Wikipedia services for all businesses. If you are looking to increase your businesses notoriety, authenticity and reliability for customers, then look no further. Unlike other Wikipedia service providers, Rank Marketing ensures your brands Wikipedia page stays published and guarantee a refund for all pages that do not get accepted.

For small, medium and large business, we provide services that will help your business get its own Wikipedia page. This is what can do for your business.

Creating A Wikipedia Page – If you are interested in your business having its own unique Wiki page created, then Rank Marketing will take care of it. With only a 20 day turn-around-time (TAT), we have one of the fastest Wiki services available.

Restoring A Deleted Wikipedia Page – Let’s say that you have a Wikipedia page for your business and it gets deleted, then Rank Marketing will restore this deleted page and bring your business the credibility that it formerly had. This service has a 20 day turn-around-time and has 100% guarantee that we can restore your page.

Deleting A Wikipedia Page – We can also delete Wikipedia pages if necessary.

So if you are looking for a Wikipedia page for your business, then look no further. Rank Marketing has helped create thousands of Wikipedia pages for businesses in all niches and sectors, of all sizes and budgets. Don’t let your competition get the advantage in the marketing landscape.

Contact us today to find out how Rank Marketing can help you get a Wikipedia page created for your business.

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