What Do Small Businesses Get Wrong With SEO?

seo mistakes small businesses make

It is commonly thought that local and small businesses cannot do SEO as well as medium and larger businesses. This preconception is not an accurate notion and small businesses can actually do SEO more effectively than large companies. SEO campaigns can be extremely difficult for large companies with big budgets as it’s difficult to optimize an online business if it operates on many platforms and markets itself in different ways. Here are the main reasons why small companies struggle to have effective SEO campaigns despite them not needing to.

Aspects Of SEO That Small Businesses Lack In

seo mistakes
seo mistakes

SEO Mistakes

Small businesses have smaller teams of people that are dedicated to marketing their product/service. Many local businesses often do not have a marketing team and sometimes the founder/business owner will do the marketing.

Poor Time Management

When a company has less manpower to dedicate to digital marketing, the time each person spends on marketing must be used wisely. Less people means better time management is required for a successful SEO campaign. Let’s say you have a staff of 10 people working on the digital marketing side of a company, each of those 10 people will have a specific job relating to an overall task. So, if one of those 10 people do not meet a deadline or work on schedule, there are nine other people who can work on the task and ensure the campaigns success. Now, if there is only one or two people working on a digital marketing then the responsibility of ensuring a task is completed is down to one or two individuals.

With this being said, the problem that most small/local companies face when they have a small marketing team is poor time management. SEO takes a long time to see results, it involves dozens of factors such as content creation, on-page optimizing, link building and much more. These factors take months to master and the less people working on them means more time. Small businesses rush SEO and other aspects of digital marketing which makes SEO success even harder. In order to improve your time management with a small team, it’s important that you set weekly goals for projects and a maximum time to do them in.

Not Keeping Up With Changes In The SEO Landscape

The SEO industry is always changing, with digital marketers spending more and more time trying to keep up with new industry standards. Good digital marketers will know if Google has released an algorithm change or significant updates that may be responsible for your website rank change. Last year, Google released around 3,200 core algorithm updates, each of which will impact the way that your site ranks and is viewed by the search engine robots. What was last years best SEO practice may not be today’s and may even be detrimental to your site. If you run a small website, it’s important that you know the latest SEO standards as falling behind can cost you valuable search ranking positions. If you want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to SEO updates, then follow our blog to find out the latest news. This will reduce the time that it takes to research multiple sources in order to find the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) news.

Trying To Compete With Large Websites

It’s common to see small or local businesses try to compete with large/multinational companies for the top search ranking spot. Big businesses are not born, they are grown. This means that they have been around longer and have a larger budget to spend on reaching and maintaining these top SERP positions. A large factor that relates to search positioning is domain age and authority. You cannot gain authority for your business unless it has been around for a while, with links from other large businesses. It will take time for this to appear and once it does then you will be able to compete with large multinationals. New websites find it harder to rank on high-difficulty keywords as it requires a great link profile, which can take years to build.

If you allocate your budget to ranking for a keyword such as “best sofa” then you will be wasting that budget. The result will be your entire budget being spent on SEO with no rank change. If you are a small or local company, then there is a way that you can compete with large websites, but start small. First, find a competitor and their keywords that have a low keyword difficulty. So, instead of the keyword “best sofa”, use a long tail keyword such as “best sofa store in London United Kingdom”. This keyword will rank much easier than a short-tail keyword. This will not only save you time, but your website will gain authority quicker and ensure you get faster leads from the site.

Keyword research is an essential part of SEO, it takes time to carry out and we suggest that you use a tool such as Ahrefs or Semrush.

Hiring Inexperienced SEO Freelancers

If you are a one-man-band and run a business where you are also doing the digital marketing, then you may look towards a SEO freelancer to do the marketing. It is all too common that a SEO freelancer will promise success and guaranteed rankings, when in actuality they can do more harm than good. At Rank Marketing, we have been doing SEO for local, small, medium and large businesses for over 15 years, working with some of the biggest brands in the world. When working with small businesses it is clear to see what work a freelancer has done and what work a professional agency has done. A SEO freelancer will often buy spam links, which can get your website penalized severely. By hiring someone who cuts corners, you may be putting your website at jeopardy and could lose your rankings completely. We recommend working with an agency that can offer you an honest report with your progress, without overspending. Remember, not all links are built equal and not all SEO’s do the same work.

Small businesses that work with freelancers often find themselves with a “manual action”, this is where a search engine will penalize a site due to unnatural links. At Rank Marketing we provide a service to disavow links and get rid of penalizations. The best way to avoid penalization is by following good local SEO practices and be cautious to who you allow to represent your site’s digital marketing.

Is SEO Worth It?

For medium and large size companies, SEO is something that generates an incredible amount of leads, sales and traffic. Without SEO, organic search traffic would not be targeted and businesses would be missing out on huge revenue potential. Yes, SEO takes a long time to be successful at. But the rewards are much greater than with most other forms of digital marketing as it is cost effective. If you are learning SEO yourself then ensure that you take time to research all aspects of the ‘Search Engine Optimization’ world. Many agencies will charge around $400 a month for SEO services, which is quite expensive if you are a small company, which makes learning these skills yourself appealing.

For those who do not have the time to spend on learning SEO skills and tricks yourself and cannot pay $400 a month. Then here at Rank Marketing, we offer a monthly SEO package for $250 a month that guarantees an increase in traffic and search engine position after only one month. At Rank Marketing, we work with companies of all sizes and budgets, with our SEO campaigns generating one of the highest ROI’s seen in any digital marketing agency. Our tireless work over the years to building successful companies online has made us of the best digital marketing agencies not only in London, but in the world.

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